Released by: Groove Unlimited.


Release date: 10th March 2008.


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  1. Decadence
  2. A path less followed
  3. Perfectly connected
  4. Fields of infinity
  5. Transformation
  6. Destination nowhere
  7. The contact
  8. Kopenhaachen
  9. There is a light
10. A new direction


Recorded from March - December 2007 at Nattefrost Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark and also some parts at Nattefrost Mobile Studio and at NEWSound Studio, Aachen, Germany.

All tracks composed, performed & produced by Bjørn Jeppesen except for "Perfectly connected" and "Kopenhaachen" which were composed, performed and produced by Robert Schroeder-Trebor and Bjørm Jeppesen.


The album was mastered at Skyflight Studio in January 2008 by Bernd Scholl.